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Evergreen - Peppermint - Carrot

Blitzen's Breath Candle

Blitzen's Breath Candle

Invigorating peppermint, refreshing evergreen and sweet, earthy carrot make for a fragrant feast that beckons Santa’s reindeer.

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Top Note: Winter Evergreen - Evergreen brings a refreshing, woody scent to Blitzen’s that instantly transports you to a serene forest of towering pine trees, their boughs laden with glistening snow.

Middle Note: Creamy Peppermint - A burst of invigorating peppermint awakens your senses and fills the air with a crisp, creamy coolness, reminiscent of a chilly winter's day.

Base Note: Earthy Carrot - The surprising base note of carrot gently anchors the fragrance. Carrots, with their sweet, earthy undertone, provide a comforting and grounding warmth to the overall blend  

Overall Experience: As part of our first holiday launch, Blitzen's Breath expertly captures the magic of the season and invites you to savor the grace of winter's embrace.

  • 12 oz. proprietary soy wax blend candle
  • cruelty free Leaping Bunny certified wax
  • finely scented with premium fragrance
  • authentic and nostalgic aromas
  • balanced 'room filling' scent release
  • slow burning (50+ hours)
  • handcrafted in small batches
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Customer Reviews

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Amazing unique scent

This candle smells so amazing! The scent fills my whole living room. It has a freshness to it that I love but the carrot and evergreen balance everything out so well. I love it!

Marsha Flowers

There isn’t one detail overlooked with this candle. From the embossed labels, beautiful amber glass, and ready to go gift box it is gorgeous! However, I am most impressed with the way it filled my home with gorgeous luxurious fragrance. Not a hint of soot and the burn is perfect. Don’t hesitate. Buy everyone on your list this candle. And most importantly, make sure to get one for you too!

Excited for the holidays!

It's Chrstimas-y but earthy, I think the carrot is really grounding yet unique, while not being overpowering or headache inducing like some candles.

The packaging is SO thoughtful and classic and it's burning really evenly and beautifully!

It makes me excited for the holidays, I love it.


I love everything about these candles. The packaging alone is so beautiful, which makes these candles easy to decorate with in any room of the house. I really love the scent of Blitzen's Breath as it reminds me of the holidays. I'm so excited to try out more of the LitBrit scents!

norbert teston
I'm in love with this candle

I'm a big candle guy and truly enjoy the search for the perfect scent for me and the occasion. Blitzen's Breath is a new staple in my collection from now on. I have found myself lighting it almost every day since I got it. Especially in these winter months, I find it to be the perfect balance of warmth and comfort. It's immediately soothing and definitely not overpowering. I'm a big fan of evergreen in candles and I find this one to be particularly well balanced. The whole experience and packaging are also definitely a plus and everything is tastefully put together. That candle makes for a perfect present, to yourself too ;).